It is recommended to use pip for installation. Please make sure the latest version is installed, as PyGOD is updated frequently:

pip install pygod            # normal install
pip install --upgrade pygod  # or update if needed

Alternatively, you could clone and run file:

git clone
cd pygod
pip install .

Required Dependencies:

  • Python 3.8+

  • numpy>=1.24.3

  • scikit-learn>=1.2.2

  • scipy>=1.10.1

  • networkx>=3.1

Note on PyG and PyTorch Installation: PyGOD depends on PyTorch Geometric (PyG) and PyTorch. To streamline the installation, PyGOD does NOT install these libraries for you. Please install them from the above links for running PyGOD:

  • torch>=2.0.0

  • pytorch_geometric>=2.3.0