Source code for pygod.nn.decoder

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""Graph Decoders"""
# Author: Kay Liu <>
# License: BSD 2 clause

import torch
import torch.nn as nn
from torch_geometric.nn import GCN

[docs] class DotProductDecoder(nn.Module): r""" Dot product decoder for the structure reconstruction, which is defined as :math:`\symbf{A}' = \sigma(\symbf{Z} \symbf{Z}^\intercal)`, where :math:`\sigma` is the optional sigmoid function, :math:`\symbf{Z}` is the input hidden embedding, and the :math:`\symbf{A}'` is the reconstructed adjacency matrix. Parameters ---------- in_dim : int Input dimension of node features. hid_dim : int, optional Hidden dimension of model. Default: ``64``. num_layers : int, optional Number of layers in the decoder. Default: ``1``. dropout : float, optional Dropout rate. Default: ``0.``. act : callable activation function or None, optional Activation function if not None. Default: ``torch.nn.functional.relu``. sigmoid_s : bool, optional Whether to apply sigmoid to the structure reconstruction. Default: ``False``. backbone : torch.nn.Module, optional The backbone of the deep decoder implemented in PyG. Default: ``torch_geometric.nn.GCN``. **kwargs : optional Additional arguments for the backbone. """ def __init__(self, in_dim, hid_dim=64, num_layers=1, dropout=0., act=torch.nn.functional.relu, sigmoid_s=False, backbone=GCN, **kwargs): super(DotProductDecoder, self).__init__() self.sigmoid_s = sigmoid_s self.nn = backbone(in_channels=in_dim, hidden_channels=hid_dim, num_layers=num_layers, out_channels=hid_dim, dropout=dropout, act=act, **kwargs)
[docs] def forward(self, x, edge_index): """ Forward computation. Parameters ---------- x : torch.Tensor Input node embeddings. edge_index : torch.Tensor Edge index. Returns ------- s_ : torch.Tensor Reconstructed adjacency matrix. """ h = self.nn(x, edge_index) s_ = h @ h.T if self.sigmoid_s: s_ = torch.sigmoid(s_) return s_