It is recommended to use pip or conda (wip) for installation. Please make sure the latest version is installed, as PyGOD is updated frequently:

pip install pygod            # normal install
pip install --upgrade pygod  # or update if needed

Alternatively, you could clone and run file:

git clone
cd pygod
pip install .

Required Dependencies:

  • Python 3.7+

  • numpy>=1.19.4

  • scikit-learn>=0.22.1

  • scipy>=1.5.2

  • setuptools>=50.3.1.post20201107

Note on PyG and PyTorch Installation: PyGOD depends on PyTorch Geometric (PyG), PyTorch, and networkx. To streamline the installation, PyGOD does NOT install these libraries for you. Please install them from the above links for running PyGOD:

  • torch>=1.10

  • pytorch_geometric>=2.0.3

  • networkx>=2.6.3